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Agile World Consulting is a niche consultancy Incorporated in 2006 involved in creating future proofed companies, businesses and organisations who are fully aligned and therefore engaged with their customers, clients and business ecosystems. We support company decision making on business optimization, service integrations and exit strategies that underwrite high impact investment and value realization.

focused on work that changes the way the world works

Agile World ® is a consultancy involved in providing business and digital strategy, see more in Services. Please contact us if you’re interested in talking about a transforming your business and supporting your Venture Capital and Private Equity work.

at the bleeding edge, so our clients can be at the leading edge

If you want to engage with a company that will propel your business to the level beyond the next level, we are your partners.

Agile World ® Consulting adopts the Customer Agility Framework ™

We are the first Management Consultancy to adopt the Customer Agility Framework ™

Customer Agility ™ Communications Website https://customeragility.com/

Customer Agility Framework ™ Website https://customeragilityframework.com/enterprise-agility/enterprise-agility-high/

A new perspective with Karl A L Smith

Karl A L Smith unpacks the latest technology trends in this episode, a must-listen for business leaders looking to prioritise investment.

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Karl A L Smith unpacks the latest technology trends

Future of the Agile Movement with LeadersHum

Karl A L Smith Managing Partner of Agile World Inc. talks about the three strands of his work experience, changing the paradigm, changing the context (of working environments) and experimenting. He highlights key characteristics of Leadership and Leaders and talks about what it means to be an Agile Leader. Lastly he talks about his consultancy in delivering Agile Transformation in a Customer Centric way (this not being they way it often dione), then he talks about his philanthropic activities with Agile World Incorporated a 501(c)(3) charity, based in California and how agile is no longer focused in software, but rather affords a way to solve complex problems.

Agile ERP Transformation & Enabling New Ways of Working

by  | May 17, 2022


Agility in business Karl A L Smith talks to Engati CX

Karl A L Smith talks about what Is an Agile Organization and shares some examples of Agility in business. He also talks about the next normal and agile working and how HR can help other departments become Agile.