Agile Litigation Support Services

One of the essential aspects in the adoption of something like Agile is to have realistic expectations set.

When the expectations that are set are not realistic and have not been met Agile World will help your legal team take action.

While the strategy and implementation of Agile is complex the promises that have been made to support the adoption of Agile are easy to track.

We have all heard about companies having to hide the fact that Agile does not reduce headcount with data from natural staff churn and major programs ending, was your company promised headcount reduction as part of adopting Agile?

Did you get it?

We have also heard about work speeding up, did it?

If you want to talk about the promises that were made to your company that were not delivered, please contact us for a free consultation.

Disclaimer: Agile World® is not a legal company and operates an investigation consultancy to help clients find the points where they have not received the benefits promised in contracts.