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Agile World Consulting is excited to announce that it is being acquired by Agile World Incorporated, California.

Agile World is a philanthropic 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in Hollywood, CA set up to support the creation and distribution of free Agile media, entertainment and educational materials.

Agile World’s primary purpose is to initiate and fund organisations that seek to deliver part or all of its vision.

Agile World’s secondary purpose is to create a volunteer community to work in those organisations.

Our Vision is to provide free Agile materials for everyone and reduce the barriers to knowledge and education that otherwise exist for a large proportion of the world because of languages, finances or an individual’s physical location. Agile World is also committed to Practical Agile knowing that it can have a fundamental and positive impact on individuals, communities and businesses by aiding them in everyday life.
Agile World is involved in several Initiatives with a global remit.

There is an expectation of a change in governance and in moving to a nonprofit corporation some business practices will change, however we remain open to serve our clients and are excited to be expanding into 21 new countries that Agile World Incorporated is already engaged in.