Key Opinion Leadership

KOL Karl Smith

What is a key opinion leader? A key opinion leader (KOL) is a trusted, well-respected influencer with proven experience and expertise in a particular field.

Originally focused in pharmaceuticals as advisors on healthcare, these thought leaders could be physicians, hospital executives, health system directors, researchers, patient advocacy group members etc. KOL’s have now moved beyond healthcare with many from technology, advocacy and even fashion.

Our KOL is Karl Smith our CEO who has been a KOL for over 10 years in the fields of Customer Experience, Agile and the Future of Work and whose personal network is in the region of 12,000,000 people mainly based upon his free blog set up in 2001 and its global syndication. While he is on other professional platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn his main engagement is through his blog, his books and by attending insight sessions with various technology companies.

Business Agility Karl A L Smith talks to Engati CX

Agile culture and mindset, how do enterprises get there, in this interview Karl Smith explains how to do this by “launching out into the shallows” in small increments.

Thought Leadership Recognition

Top 25 Overall Thought LeaderThinkers360 lists the following subjects that Karl Smith ranks as a Thought Leader and Influencer