Customer Agility Framework ™

Customer Agility Framework ™

Agile World ® is the first consultancy to adopt the Customer Agility Framework ™ we do not have exclusive rights to it as it is available under a Creative Commons License. However we do have several of the Founders and creators of the Framework available to consult through our company.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is being soft launched on the 29th of September 2023 through an interactive website a companion website with the business benefits case was previously launched

The Customer Agility Framework ™ defines how to use AI effectively from Insight to Outcome, through the Customer, Business and Technical North Star’s to provide decision point information for your whole organisation.

Customer Agility Framework ™ focuses on customer journey based organizational design that own’s products, services and the way to run and change them though a single software system.

Be noticeably different and better than your competitors by aligning your flow of work around delivering positive outcomes for customers (users), colleagues, clients, shareholders and your balance sheet.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ uses the latest thinking around artificial intelligence and automation to support data driven decision making with real-time insights and oversight for strategy alignment, governance, security, resilience, financial control, prioritisation and regulatory compliance.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ supports the attracting and retaining of customers by building customer loyalty and potential customer engagement through facilitating a direct responses to customer needs.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ will focus your entire organisation on listening to customers and colleagues in real-time to define the next work to be undertaken. It will enshrine a flexible way of working that supports an immediate response to changes in your target market, perceptions and opportunities.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ created by Agile World ® Incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit.