State of Agile Culture 2023 with Agile World ®

Agile World Consulting is supporting the 2023 Agile Culture research project.

This project is being delivered using unique technology within a survey that collects the truth about agile culture using the Neurotech® platform the people analytics technology.

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The survey objectives are;

  1. Compare how organisations have changed over the last year
  2. Understand the impact different leadership styles have on business agility and agile culture
  3. Understand the business case for changing leadership styles
  4. Understand the impact of an agile culture on company performance and resilience in a recession environment

The benefit of agility in organisations is ever-increasing, yet cultural and leadership issues remain the leading impediment to successful adoption.

By taking part in our survey, powered by Truthsayers® Neurotech® platform, you will help us understand the relationship between culture and business agility and what makes the biggest difference to achieving improved performance.

The first two reports revealed that leadership is still one of the biggest challenges for agile culture. The 3rd report hopes to delve deeper into leadership styles and their effects on an agile culture.

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