Agile World ® Framework

The Agile World Consulting corporation is built upon a training course created in 2003 and first used in 2004 called Agile World, the consultancy was set up in 2006 as a USA Corporation. Since then the training course has become the Agile World ® Framework with its latest version becoming available in 2023.

Agile World ® Framework Consulting for Enterprise Agility, Business Agility, Technology Agility, Solutions Agility, Delivery Agility, Customer Agility, Work Agility, Financial Agility and Organisational Agility offered by Agile World Consulting.

Agile World ® Framework is the collated experiences of thousands of Agilists and to support the economies of the world to truly benefit from the core competencies of Being Agile and Working in an Agile Way.

Agile World ® Framework is a specific approach to organizational planning, observation, executing and a feedback loop of work.